About me

I am a professional nationally and internationally recognized master of Uzbek traditional embroidery. For many years, I have operated as an artisanal hand embroiderer in Bukhara Region, Uzhekistan, specializing in embroidery of handhags and clothing. My artwork has won major national awards and has been featured in major intenational artistic exhibitions. My creative work has been praised by publications in major national media. My achievements in the field of traditional UUzhck embroidery have carned me many professional honors. I am a member of the highly selective organization Hunarmand, the national association of artisans, cralstmen, and folk artists of Uzbckistan. I was accepted to the llunarmand association based on my outstanding achievements in the art of embroidery. My work in the field af embroidery has heen recognized hy the lcading experts in this field to be a contribution of major significance. My consistent track record of acenmplishment in the field of traditinnal Uzbek embroidery, clearly demonstrates that I am one of a small percentage who have risen to the very top of this field. For these reasons, I believe that I fully quality for classitication as an alien of extraordinary ability in the field of traditional Uzbek embroidery I was borm in Bukhara region on May 10, 1989 in the family of embroiderers. My father comes from the family of hereditary textile weavers and dyers. My mother's family has practiced embroidery for many gencrations. Eimbroidery has leen an integral part of

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